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The Ponds on Hadley Green

Replacement Ducks Home, March 2018
The duck house had started to sink and gather water, so a new one was purchased by HRA , and as you can see a 2 of the committee got into their dingy, towed it out to deeper waters to set into place. 

Diving Ducks..

Not just the chicks, but now we have 2 pairs of diving ducks. Keith Chapman generously purchased them for the community and you can see these on both Old Fold and Joslins ponds... happily bobbing about on the water. This breed were chosen as they stay on the water and far away from any foxes.. 

Diving Ducks New Home, October 2013

In October 2013, we purchased and added to Old Fold Pond a duck house and 2 diving ducks who have been spotted happily in and out of their new residence...

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