About us

Established in 1960s, the Hadley Residents Association has been working over the last 50 years on behalf of the residents of the Monken Hadley conservation Area and its surroundings.

Hadley Residents Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation and membership is open to all residents. The annual subscription is £10 per household.  It is managed by a committee that is elected at the annual general meeting.

The committee currently comprises:

Tim Longman          Chairperson             

Colette Brideson      Treasurer​

David Chapman

Amanda Holly

Rosie McWhirter

Byron Davies

Richard Peart

Mark Temple

Renee Evans

Minnie's Henhouse played to a packed Hadley Green on a hot summer's day. Everyone had so much fun.

Our Aims

The aims of the association include the following:

• Preserve, protect and improve the our environment and public spaces, especially Hadley Green
• Encourage community initiatives, involvement and participation
• Provide a forum for residents to express their feelings and concerns on local matters
•  Liaise with the local council and represent the community on issues of local importance


Hadley Residents' Association Constitution and Rules, July 2007

(to be attached shortly 21.10.2013)

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