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Events At Barnet Market 2018


Following the re-launch in Spring 2014 and a very successful few years, there is now a plan to redevelop further and potentially move the market's position a little further along towards the bandstand near Waitrose..

Friends of Barnet Market have announced: "Currently a planning application to cover the market and moving to the bandstand site has been submitted. Processing it through to a decision takes some weeks and there will need to be work to provide power points and anchor points for the stalls." They are hoping this move will take place late summer 2018.​"

In addition a Teenage Market has been created and the first was held on Saturday 31st March. It took place on the bandstand site in Stapylton Road and will follow on from the traditional market.  


The idea is to harnesses the enthusiasm and talents of the young people in a town and encourages them to be entrepreneurial, trial new business ideas and sell creative products. 


For all the up to date information go to : - Friends of Barnet Market

View of Barnet’s first Teenage Market held on 31st March, 2018
Bringing the Teenage Market concept to Barnet is the work of Bob Burstow who has worked tirelessly to obtain backing and encourage participation.
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